I think reading is so influential and important. When you finish a great book there is no choice - it impacts and influences you for the rest of your existence. In literature you can find companionship, knowledge and a sense of self; whether that is a realization or a critical perspective. Books create insight. Books are vital. I owe so much to the characters I have loved, and hated so dearly.



be picky.  don’t settle.  don’t lower your standards.  don’t.  settle.

you’ll get called a bitch but at least you won’t be stuck in some horrid heteronormative nightmare with a deeply average boring man who can’t even fuck you right.


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To do:

Be kind, to yourself & others, even when it’s difficult.
Work hard.
Stay organized.
Stay present.
Read more.
Go outside.
Improve your situation.
Say please.
And say thank you.
Apologize when necessary.
Challenge yourself.
Be appreciative.
Make insightful judgments.
Let go.
Try something new.

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